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When you bring your Buick or GMC vehicle to your local Buick GMC Service Center in St. Louis for a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, they will thoroughly examine various components to ensure proper operation. There are multiple areas of your Buick SUV or GMC truck that are essential to operating your vehicle. The multi-point inspection performed by a GMC or Buick Certified Repair technician is preventative maintenance that you won't want to skip. Having regular conventional or full-synthetic oil changes, multi-point inspections, tire rotations, and engine air filter replacements can save you money in the long run.

Lou Fusz Buick GMC Certified Service Center - Multi-Point Inspection

When you bring your Buick or GMC vehicle to Lou Fusz Buick GMC Service Center, we will make sure that your vehicle is operating at 100%. If it's not, we will make the proper recommendation for any repairs that should be made and give you a heads up when we see things starting to wear down. When items need service right away, our Buick service center technicians will suggest the appropriate service: such as battery replacement, windshield wiper replacement, cabin air filter replacement, tire replacement, engine air filter replacement, and oil filter replacement. Our GMC Service in St. Louis technicians utilizes the multi-point vehicle inspection form that uses a color-coded key to make it easy to understand for the consumer.

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When Should I Get a Multi-Point Inspection?

A multi-point inspection is an essential preventative service that you should regularly have completed on your Buick or GMC vehicle. At Lou Fusz Buick GMC, we recommend every time you bring your vehicle in for a conventional or full-synthetic oil change and tire rotation that you also request a multi-point inspection. The multi-point inspection gives you a clear overview of your entire vehicle and puts the power and performance of your vehicle in your hands. Just like going to the doctor regularly for your physical, having an overview of your vehicle's system at your Buick GMC repair shop gives you the upper hand in deciding what maintenance to perform next on your vehicle; giving you the ability to plan out repairs instead of being surprised and unprepared.

What Do You Inspect During a Buick GMC Multi-Point Inspection?

When you bring your Buick SUV or GMC Truck to Lou Fusz Buick GMC service center, we follow a multi-point inspection form that is recommended by the manufacturer. Some of the items that inspected during your multi-point inspection include:

  • Engine and Oil Filter
  • Windshield and Wipers
  • Battery Life and Connection
  • Fluid Systems Check
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Filters
  • Seat Belts
  • Steering Components
This list is just an overview of some of the components that we check in your Buick or GMC vehicle when you bring it to your Buick GMC service center for a multi-point inspection. The main goal is that your car leaves our service center healthier than it was before you brought it in so you can extend the life of the car and drive around St. Louis safely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multi-Point Inspections

GMC Buick Service St. Louis
Although most owner's manuals do not make recommendations for how often to get a multi-point inspection, it is a good rule of thumb to get one every time you get an oil change. This can help with the lifespan of your car.
The amount of time it takes to inspect your Buick or GMC depends on the vehicle itself. Each car and truck is different. This is one reason we recommend that you get a multi-point inspection when getting another service completed. This allows you to use your time efficiently.
A multi-point inspection is often more thorough than a state safety inspection. The multi-point inspection is considered preventive maintenance that can help the lifespan of your car. The State Safety Inspections' purpose is to ensure that your car is safe to drive for you and the general public.

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