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A cabin air filter helps prevent dust, allergens, dirt, and other particles from entering your Buick GMC through your vents. In most cars and trucks, the cabin air filter is conveniently located behind the glove compartment. When air comes into the vehicle before entering the heating and cooling system, it will pass through the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter helps keep the air going in and out of your system clean and free of any debris. A great time to check your cabin air filter is during your regular full-synthetic oil change or conventional oil change. These services are frequently paired with a tire rotation and multi-point inspection.

Lou Fusz Buick GMC Certified Service Center - Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Next time you need a cabin air filter replacement, stop by Lou Fusz Buick GMC Service Center St. Louis. Keeping the filters in your car, whether it's your cabin air filter, engine air filter, or oil filter is essential in keeping your vehicle running effectively. When you drive around with clogged filters, you are risking unnecessary damage to your vehicle's systems. When you are searching for an "auto repair near me," Lou Fusz Buick GMC will be there to help you choose the right cabin air filter for your car. We will also thoroughly examine your Buick SUV or GMC truck and make any other service recommendations.

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Signs That You Need a New Cabin Air Filter

Just like most of the filters in your new Buick in St. Louis or your new GMC in St. Louis, the cabin air filter needs to be changed regularly. To find out the right interval for your cabin air filter replacement, check your owner's manual that comes with your vehicle. Here are some signs that you need to get a new cabin air filter sooner than later:

  • Whistling Sound from Vents
  • Musty Odor from Vents
  • Reduced Airflow through Vents
  • Strange and Loud Noises from HVAC
  • Defogging Takes Signicantly Longer
If you notice any of the above signs, it may be time to bring your Buick or GMC vehicle into Lou Fusz Buick GMC service center. We can assist you in diagnosing your cabin air filter and determine if you should get it replaced.

Benefits of a New Cabin Air Filter

Fresh air should be something that you expect when you are driving around in your Buick or GMC. A new cabin air filter can do wonders in helping keep the air in your cabin free of containments. Some benefits that you will notice with a new cabin air filter include:

  • Eliminates Odors
  • Improved Airflow
  • Quieter Operation of HVAC System
  • Fresh Air Free of Containments
  • Reduced Allergens
There are tons of allergens in Missouri, and having a new cabin air filter installed can help control the number of allergens that find their way into the cabin of your vehicle. In the end, you will end up putting less pressure on your HVAC system, and the chances you will need major repairs during your air conditioning system service will be less.

Frequently Asked Questions about Engine Air Filter Replacement

GMC Buick Service St. Louis
Follow your owner's manual for exact intervals. However, we recommend you consider changing the cabin air filter during your air conditioning system service or regular oil changes.
Your system will become clogged. This will decrease the effectiveness of the filter and possibly leave your HVAC system susceptible to unnecessary damage.
The first step in reducing allergens in your vehicle is to change your cabin air filter. Some other beneficial ways to cut down on allergens in your cabin include: vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and keeping windows and doors properly sealed.

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